Fort Collins Food Coop Outreach Programs

Community Events

Are you hosting an event, festival or meet-up related to food, local circles of profit, growing, farmers, or sustainability? Let us know and if there is a way we can help, teach, speak, or contribute to your event we'd love to. [email]

1st Annual HalfMoon Arts Music in the Gallery Fundraiser

August 23, 2014 6:30 p.m. 200 Matthews St. The event will be held at the Community Creative Center in the Historic Carnegie Building at Fort Collins Library Park. This is a concert that will showcase the musical performance talents of local junior high and high school musicians that will be performing bluegrass, folk and classical pop.

3rd Annual Geller Center Music Festival

Saturday, September 13, 2013, 3:00-9:00PM Geller Center Lawn - just north of the CSU Oval. The music festival Xaniscape brings together a diverse but highly targeted market of people who are passionate about our local music, food, businesses and community. We are able to bring this group together through our selective lineup, creative audience participation, and having the event model sustainable practices.

Starry Night presents Coffee and Crafts

Thursday's nights from 6:30-9. 1st Thursday - How to Bead with Alice Howe, $5.00 for supplies. 2nd Thursday - FREE Crochet Circle Night. 3rd Thursday - Pinterest Inspired Recycled Crafting Class, $5.00 for supplies. 4th Thursday - FREE Jewellery Circle. Follow our classes on Facebook or at

Downtown Artery

Come check out the Downtown Artery's new Acoustic Showcase Series sponsored by Scene Magazine every Friday!

Bike to Work Day 2008

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Food Coop Cooking Classes

French Cuisine: Cooking with Crepes. Learn unique ways to serve a famous French entree! Learn how to blend different styles of cooking in a traditional French crepe: gluten free crepes, Mexi-crepes, sweet crepes and savory crepes will be on the menu.

The Menu Includes:

Gluten free crèpes,


Toppings: ratatouille or mushrooms and chard,

Sweet crèpes.

Class Fee is $35 per person plus a 1 dollar processing fee.

Class is being held at the Northside Aztlan Community Center 112 E. Willow Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Or sign up the next time your at the Coop

Pack your own Lunch to School w/Sapna Von Reich

Tuesday, September 9th, from 6pm - 7:30pm

Let’s think outside the lunch box and have some fun creating these healthy school lunches with Sapna Von Reich. These recipes can also be made the night before for dinner and leftovers for lunch! Ages: 8-15 year old with a parent partner. $25 per student, plus a dollar processing fee.

The Menu Includes:

DIY Quick Chili,

Veggie Wrap,

Easy Pasta,

Sweet Chia Chocolate Pudding,

Class is being held at the Northside Aztlan Community Center 112 E. Willow Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Charity of the Month


Launch: Community Through Skateboarding is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to empowering individuals to better themselves and their community through skateboarding. We strive to provide an environment that fosters a culture of creativity and self-expression to skateboarders of all ages.

Interested in being our Charity of the Month? Simply [download the pdf], fill out the form and either [email it] or bring it into the Co-op. Its that easy!