Fort Collins Food Coop Outreach Programs

Community Events

Are you hosting an event, festival or meet-up related to food, local circles of profit, growing, farmers, or sustainability? Let us know and if there is a way we can help, teach, speak, or contribute to your event we'd love to. [email]

Bike to Work Day 2008

Annual Member Meeting

Food Cooperative Annual Member Meeting

The Food Co-operative's Annual Meeting will be taking place at the newly constructed Downtown Artery, 252 Linden Street, Fort Collins (lower level). There will be light appetizers served, along with refreshment. Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase.

This meeting an opportunity for Member-Owners to connect with one another, meet the current Food Co-op staff, hear directly from the Board of Directors and the General Manager, and give input on all Food Co-op issues. Below are some things that will be discussed:

The Food Co-op's financial report

Expansion/Relocation updates

Election updates/applicants speeches

Feedback from other Member-Owners

If you plan on attending this wonderful meeting please inform the Annual Meeting Committee, so they may have a better number estimate of Member-Owners attending. Please RSVP at [RSVP@FCFOOD.COOP]

Thank You.

We'll see you Tuesday, October 20th.

Ask the Doc

Practical Health Solutions

Do you have questions about your supplements or about improving your health with natural supplements, natural treatments or diets? Joan Waters, a local naturopathic doctor who will be available at the Food Co-op on - to discuss all your supplement questions you may have. Feel Free to stop in during these times.

Joan is in private general practice in Fort Collins with emphases on gastrointestinal disorders and the naturopathic treatment of Lyme disease. She treats a wide variety of conditions, including autoimmune conditions and allergies. Concurrent with other treatments, she works to optimize her patient.

Foodie Walk


Downtown Fort Collins offers a free culinary adventure in a beautiful historic pedestrian area of the city. The Fort Collins Foodie Walk is a self-guided walk that occurs each month and will feature new presentations, tasting opportunities, and themes each month. The Food Cooperative will feature live demos from local vendors and a deli creation each month.

Stop by for a sample, take home the recipe, and chat with a Food Co-op Board Member about anything under the sun. Offer excludes preexisting discounted and sale items.

For a complete list of participating businesses and monthly event details visit: Foodie Walk.Com

Charity of the Month

Half Moon Arts

The mission of Save The Poudre is to Protect and Restore the Cache la Poudre River.

Numerous threats endanger the Cache la Poudre River, most importantly the proposed Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP). This huge water storage project and its two proposed reservoirs (Glade and Galeton) will drain ever more water from this already endangered river. This project is not a sustainable solution to Colorado's growing water problems and better alternatives are available.

Thank you for your support.

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