Advantages for Businesses

More VoIP Advantages for Businesses and Marketers

Track Phone Calls

When you have marketing campaigns, you need to be able to track your results. If you don’t, you won’t know where your calls, clicks, and sales are ultimately coming from. However, with traditional phone lines, there is no function allowing you to track each time a call comes in from a particular number or marketing asset.

With a VoIP phone, you can set up phone numbers with tracking codes embedded in the system. This allows you to see exactly how many times that line rang that day, where the calls were being generated from, and how effective your campaign is. For instance, if you are paying for ads on Google, you can optimize your spend by driving people to call a number on that specific version of the ad. When you leverage the ability to have multiple lines, you can even have a separate number for each ad (even though it routes to the same number on your end) for tracking purposes.

Record Phone Calls

Do you ever wish you could record your phone conversations that salesman are having with customers? In the past, this was impossible. And it probably still is with your current phone solution. However, if you use VoIP, you can actually record phone calls live.

Your management team can access these recordings from the voip’s cloud app or website easily and download them with a click of a button. Having this vital information at your fingertips can help you understand why certain sales calls were so successful, why some didn’t work out, and what kinds of sticking points or questions that customers have. Then, it can be turned into training material for further salespeople.

Enjoy Greater Scale

As your company grows, you need to be able to scale. This means being able to serve the additional customers while growing your capacity without spending more than you can handle. But keeping costs of traditional phone systems under control is a nightmare.

You have to build out new installations, purchase a new number, and make sure it is routing correctly. Image doing this for hundreds or thousands of new employees. It just isn’t sustainable. Voip systems give you the ability to scale smart. You can purchase bulk numbers in advance so your cost per line is within your budget. In addition, it leverages the scale of the internet and digital technology behind voip so you can let the software take away the grunt work.