Fort Collins Food Coop Health and Beauty

A quality selection

With all of our health and beauty items we are providing the best in responsibly produced, packaged, and tested items. Many of these items have organic, natural ingredients with a great price.

Stocking the Shelves

We are constantly getting in new items and always searching out the best in locally made and organically produced items. And those tired old products that can't withstand our purity-devoted scrutiny are being replaced by those that have a fresher, gentler, more wholesome relationship with our bodies and our planet. If there's something you are missing or a new product you just discovered let us know and we'll look into carrying that too.

Can I come back here?

The most frequently asked question from customers has been, "Can I come back here?" We are pleased to let everyone know that not only can you travel into and meander through these slightly less traveled, yet increasingly hospitable lands of this department (just past the dry bulk section), but you may be delighted to find things you never even knew existed, things that might change your bathing rituals and medicine cabinets forever!

Food Coop Soap

Our health & beauty department features the best in traditional bath & body items with a focus on organic, fair trade, eco-friendly products; the best for you, your body, and the earth.

In our body care section we have all the traditional body care products but we offer a new twist on many of them. A large number of our soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc. are available in bulk which saves an enormous amount of packaging and overall cost for you. We have a great selection of locally made soaps, bath salts, tinctures, and lotions. Many of these items are vegan, and organic, while all of our body products have not been tested on animals. Stop in to sample some of these items today.