Fort Collins Food Coop Dairy

Local, Organic Delight

The shelves of the Coop Dairy section are filled with a fine selection of both local and exotic cheeses. From blue to swiss, blocks to shredded, you'll have to try some of our samples just to be able to choose.

Buying Bulk Saves

Many of our Dairy items are also available in bulk. Prepackaged for you in reusable containers we are able to pass on the savings to you. Buy as little or as much as you need.

Stocking the Shelves

We are constantly getting in new items and always searching out the best in locally made and organically produced items. If there's something you are missing or a new product you just discovered let us know and we'll look into carrying it too.

Brie and jelly

Pasture raised, local, organic, dairy from happy healthy farms. Find a great selection of milk, yogurt, butter, eggs, and cheeses meeting the Coop's standards for quality.

Every day of the week you will find samples of specialty cheeses throughout the store. Find the kind you like most and take some home with you. Impress your family with the great taste of quality local cheeses. Don't forget to pick up a tasty jar of preserves to pair with your spreadable cheese and a box of local thin crackers. Put them all together and they make the most satisfying afternoon snack. See you soon!