Fort Collins Food Coop Board

Board Meetings

Member/Owners are invited to attend Food Co-op board meetings. TThe next Board of Directors meeting will be held Tuesday, July 22 at 215 Jefferson Street, Old Town. All are welcome!

Board Minutes

Click HERE to download the current board minutes.

Board Agenda

Click HERE to download the Agenda.

2014 Board Election

The votes are in! Congratulations to Laura Lyznicki, Ruth Ingliso-Widrick, Ryan McGuire and the Incumbent Emily Heinz for being elected and re-elected by our Member-Owners to be apart of the Fort Collins Food Co-operativeís Board of Directors.

Store Party

Being cooperatively owned we have a Board of Directors, elected by member-owners, to help guide the long term vision of the Coop, support the mission of the organization and provide guidance to our General Manager who directly works with the staff daily to run the store. The Board of Directors also creates and maintains the by-laws which govern the Coop. Download a copy of our by-laws [here].

Our Current Board of Directors

Emily Elmore

Emily is from Berthoud, Colorado. She loves shopping at the Coop, and facilitating the board meetings. As president of the board Emily also chairs the Outreach Committee and is a part of the Governance Committee. Outside the Coop and her duties here she sells homes and land, spends time outdoors, loves cooking with friends, enjoying good wine, riding her bike and trying to see the world when possible! When asked what her favorite thing in the whole wide world is she answered, "love!". You can find her stocking up on local Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese, and SidWiggie's Ice Cream at the Coop. She also loves the co-operative model, and wants to look into Co-op housing around the Fort.

Claudia Eberspacher

I have enjoyed getting to know the Food Coop staff and Board Members over the past year, serving as an interim Board Member. The entire team has made great strides over the past few years, making the Food Coop the best itís ever been. I find it inspiring and hope to contribute to the progress.

Katie Slota

Katie was born and raised in Madison, WI but has been living in Fort Fun off and on for almost 9 years. She is a newly appointed board member who is very excited about helping to make the FCFC a hub for local food and community cultivation. Outside the coop, she keeps busy working on her farm and selling produce to local restaurants and at local farmers markets. If there is any time left, one may also find riding her bicycle, tickling chickens, or enjoying a beverage with her friends on the O'dell's patio. Food she loves from the COOP? Windsor dairy cheese (can take the girl out of the dairyland, but can't take the dairyland out the girl) and bulk peanut butter (well, anything bulk really).

Brian A. Majeski

I am excited to be a part of such an vital aspect of the Fort Collinsí community and to see the Food Co-op prosper, becoming an example for other towns of an integrated, dynamic hub for healthy food, local collaboration. As I had mentioned during my introduction at the recent member meeting, I foresee a strong involvement of architecture as it relates to food production. I yearn to learn more about the complex food industry, from farm to plate, to one day apply this knowledge and experience to sustainable, regenerative community development.

Kristin Pintauro

As a former Food Co-op employee, I understand the needs for staff and store. The expansion/relocation is necessary for the survival of the store and it's imperative that staff wages increase to be more competitive with the retail industry. I am pleased to be a part of the board and help improve these areas. My background is in design and marketing for Colorado State University's School of Global Environmental Sustainability. I plan to use this knowledge to support and strengthen the Food Co-op's governing board.

Stacey Anderson

Having raised two sons in Fort Collins, Stacey brings her desire for a healthy community through local food and a local economy to her new position on the board. With a background in botany, nursing and technical communication, including her own multimedia business, she believes the health of humans and the health of the earth are inseparable and is excited to be part of the Food Coop board as it helps lead Fort Collins into a healthy future.